Jimmy Reilly vs. Connor Flynn

"This match is nothing if not competitive" Inner Jobber

​Connor Flynn          ​​6’1”​168 lbs.​26yo
​Jimmy Reilly​​           5’10”​194 lbs.​24yo

​Connor (yellow speedos) challenged Jimmy (red speedos). “I can take this guy” Connor told us before the match. “He won’t be able to last in my legs”, he said. But Jimmy has incredibly strong legs as well and he sure knows how to use them as he did against Brock Hammer. These two wrestlers have very, very…

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Connor Flynn vs. Kevin Harris (Match 3)

And we are back for round 3! Connor Flynn vs. Kevin Harris. Inner Jobber named this match “Pink And Blue And Hot All Over!”

Kevin Harris 6’2” 200 lbs. 25yo
Connor Flynn 6’ 178 lbs. 26yo

The re-rematch!   Connor (blue speedos) and Kevin (red speedos) are tied – one –to – one.   They are both very anxious about this match to break the tie.  Connor has been working his legs hard.  He gave a pretty decent beating to Kevin in their first match just using his legs.  Connor at 200 pounds is bigger and stronger than he has…

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